Chemical Peel vs Facial


So you walk into a spa and ask for a microdermabrasion San Diego specialist that will make a difference to your look. You want the skin to radiate and you will ask about what each treatment provides. Sometimes asking for what you think you need is not always what your skin actually needs. Some people will know a bit about each one and that is sometimes not enough, but having an esthetician who has experience can help you determine what you actually need.

You want to make an informed decision and that is done by learning what each option provides.

Chemical peels are often good for some and facials are better for others.

You want this information before you go ahead and choose what you want on your face.

chemical peel

Chemical Peels

These are peels made with the purpose of providing medical treatment. This is often used in situations where there are deep underlying issues with the skin and how it is doing.

Chemical peels will vary in terms of the chemicals being used.

Some will require anesthetics because they are that strong and others won’t.

These are not only done at the spa but are also done in medical offices because they can heal the skin and do it rapidly. The skin’s health is more important with this method than its look even though that does improve too as an extension of what is being done.

Spa and Wellness


This is a wider term used to describe numerous treatments given in a day spa. This would include things such as the use of creams, exfoliation, lotions, masks, steam, and yes even peels.

Peels are also a part of what a ‘facial’ is. It is a more general term for treating the face. Peels that come under this are generally not made out of chemicals and if they are, the gentlest types are used.

The harsh chemicals are reserved for medical environments where there is a doctor present.

Facials are generally done to help enhance the appearance of the skin and it is not the health that matters even though it does help in some cases.
The decision is interesting and sometimes it is not even in your hands. The specialist can help with what you need. If you are looking for a stronger treatment, you will probably need the chemical peel as it helps in saving the skin. The facials you will get at a local spa are easier and often relaxing when they are being done on you.

You have to pick what is best and sometimes you can get the best of both with a gentle peel. Please visit  Waxing by Celeste Рchemical peel San Diego expert for more information about skin care.

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