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Looking for information about health, wellness, and beauty? Then this is the right blog for you. My name is Alicia and I am a registered nurse and an amateur blogger who believe is living my life to the fullest! As a teenager I loved to write and now as an adult I have created my blog iso-herbal.com to share my thoughts and have it documented online. Please subscribe to my blog.

Choosing the Right Hair Salon – Friends or Reviews?

reviews from friends

Is your hair all over the place and has to be worked on? Do you want the best? Do you need hair salon advice for your next visit? Hair salons are all over town and you can’t possibly check all of them out. You can’t even have a trial done because once the hair has been touched, you are trapped.

There are two directions a person can take when selecting a local hair salon.

They can easily ask their friends for an option or they can read online reviews. Which one is better when hoping to find a high-grade hair salon?


ash blonde balayageThe positives of going with your friend(s) would be the information is going, to be honest. You will know who is telling you because your friend’s hair will be there for you to see. Do you like the haircut and styling? Do you like their new balayage? You get an immediate way to decipher whether their review is true.

With friends, you don’t have as many of them to talk about the same location. So, variation in reviews is not something you will get when you just ask a friend about their favorite hair salon and leave it right there. You do want variation.

Online Reviews

With online reviews, you will get multiple people reviewing about the same place. This is more information than you would get out of one experience your friend had. Even a bad salon can have a good day or vice versa. You need more information.

Online reviews are not appealing to some because they are ‘online’. This information could be put up by anyone and claimed to be true, but how will you verify what they are saying? It could even be the hair salon owners themselves just going online and writing reviews and/or paying for them.

The easy answer to this and one you should also mull over would be “why not both?” because that is the right way. You want as much information as possible and you can even cross-reference to see whether the opinions match. Maybe your friend tells you about a great local hair salon and then you go online to read about them some more. You could get information from not only your friend but others who have been to the salon.

You want a consensus to develop and that can include people who are your friends and reviews present online. It should not matter to you.

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